Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Fuzzy (but good) MPG Math

Not sure what to make of the math in calculating the gas mileage of the new electric plug-in powered Chevy Volt, per this CNN Money story by Peter Valdes-Dapena. Alternative automotive technologies and fuels is sure to be another favorite topic at the Toledo Rust Removal Company, especially due to the number of available resources (i.e. unemployed automotive talent) in our hometown and that little city just to the north, Detroit. It's my belief that Detroit should move QUICKLY to attract and/or incubate as many alternative fuel start-ups as quickly as possible while doing anything to support production of similar efforts by the Big 3- such as the Volt.

Anyway, the math is actually sound: since the Volt gets 40 miles out of its 10 kwh electric charge (costing about $.40), and only then starts using its fuel reserves. Since, after 50 miles, the car will have only used .2 gallons, we land at this very attractive MPG of 230. Its great for marketing, and even though it seems doubtful that will be the final number on the sticker, its a nice twist in the evolution of the key metric in the future of automotive: Miles Per Gallon.

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